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Year Round Training (YRT)

Program Description

Research indicates that individuals playing Futsal receive the ball six times more often than they would do when they are playing regular soccer, allowing players to perform more individual techniques such as passes, control, fakes, feints, dribbles, and runs with the balls (Liverpool John Moores University, 2001). We have created our Year Round Training program to keep our players (any players really) fresh and on-the-ball during the offseason months. This optional program is a great way to stay fresh in the offseason months to get an edge on your competition.

  • Available for players from U9 - U16
  • Multiple tiers available (Gold/Silver/Bronze) allows you to choose how much you want to do
  • Flexible schedules across multiple locations
  • Friendly games/Practice scrimmages/Festival Tournament
  • Intense Futsal training and agility/speed drills


Dates vary according to schedule but runs April - October


Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Association (PISA), Greetree SportsPlex (GTSP), Sharpsburg Rec Center


Number of sessions varies based on registration. All sessions are 1.5 hour long


The following packages are available (choose your level of participation):

  • Bronze   - Pay as you go - $90 + $15 per session
  • Silver   - 20 sessions of your choice - $280
  • Gold    30 sessions of your choice - $375
  • Platinum - All sessions of your choice + $50 off AET - $450

Why Year Round?

Your effort level is a direct reflection of your interest level. You don't need to tell your coach you're all in, your actions will do so!

As well as touch the ball more often, players will often receive the ball under pressure from opponents developing their confidence on the ball particularly in pressurized environments. Futsal as a game naturally brings players into regular one-on-one situations with their opponent, encouraging players into quick decision making as to how they overcome these scenarios; this could be through beating the opponent with a skill or through clever passing to a team-mate.

But one of the core attributes Futsal teaches young players is the important of ball retention due to the threat of an immediate counter-attack. Confidence on the ball, receiving a pass under pressure, decision-making in 1v1 situations, and ball retention are all important fundamental skills that we look to develop in young soccer players that are practiced regularly within a game environment in Futsal.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
Phone : 412-877-9984
Email : [email protected]
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