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Position Specific Training (PST)

Program Description

If you really want to focus in on a specific position on the court and perfect your craft, then PST training is for you. At Assassins Futsal, we teach our players 3 different positions: FIXO, ALA, and PIVOT so pick your spot and sign-up today!

  • Available for players from U9 - U16
  • Flexible schedules across multiple locations
  • Preparation for team play


Dates vary according to schedule but runs July - Aug


Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Association (PISA), Greentree SportsPlex (GTSP) and Sharpsburg Rec Center (SRC)


Number of sessions varies based on registration.


5 sessions for $75

  • $20 discount if registering for 2 sessions
  • $50 discount if registering for 3 sessions

Futsal Positions

Goalkeeper/5th Attacker

The Goalkeeper is the most versatile and interesting role on the court. The player only has 4 seconds to posses in their defensive half, but unlimited time in possession in the offensive half. Typically futsal goalkeepers do not wear gloves for a better control and feel when handling the ball. In some instances the goalkeeper will leave the goal and play on the court as a 5th attacker.

Fixo/Back/Fixed Defender

The Fixo or Fixed defender is an outfield player whose primary role is to prevent the opposition from scoring. Typically this player is compared to the quarter back and sets the team up from the back. A diamond formation, or a 1-3-1 as its commonly known would allow for a more fluid defensive to attacking transition and use of a Fixo.


The Wing or Ala is a player playing on the sides of the court (left-wing and right-wing), between defense and attack. This position is not as offensive as the pivot, yet not as defensive as the defender unless in transition or rotation.


The pivot, also known as the forward or the Striker, is the most positionally advanced player on the court (similar to the Center Forward in soccer). Known for being the pivot player meaning back to goal and looking to receive the ball turn and shoot or pass.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
Phone : 412-877-9984
Email : [email protected]
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